What is DocuComm?

DocuComm is a service platform for various web development projects, with main beneficiaries being:

  • Small Firms and their Office Managers: You can utilize our free-of-charge "MyDocu Make".
  • Growing eCommerce Firms: "MyFields Make" can help them to right/up/down-size their eCommerce projects
  • Larger Firms: "Scaffold Like Us" contains a specific ways to control development budgets
  • Start-up Entrepreneurs: "Build With Us" will ring true, specially after some false starts.

Under our motto of "Docs, Data & Contents - Harmoniously", users will be able to do:

  • Manage Business Documents: You can build and manage an entire suite of critical business documents
  • Touch & Feel two Most-deployed DB Technologies: MySQL data base and Mongo data base
  • Do Real Work on a Front-end-driven DB Technology: Via our MyFields DB or Fields4Ecomm
  • Discover Amazing new arrays of Contents: Via our DeepBookMarking Technology used in OhMyABC.com
  • Discuss and Pinpoint most Sustainable Development Stacks for given projects:

Our development stack consists of:

Our scaffolding stack also supports all major templating engines in addition to Jade

For a project management or on-line merchant who needs to commit itself to a high-dollar-amount project(s) involving PHP, Drupal, Joomla, React, AngularJS and similar heavy-duty stacks, our light-footed but extensible practice will be an unexpected delight to discuss, considering the depth and breadth of the contents our sites have covered. We observed all the listed tools are light-footed yet incredibly potent.